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Criminal Case Game For Pc Full Version Free Download

Criminal Case Game For Pc (2014) Full Version Free Download

Criminal Case Game For Pc Full Version Free Download

Criminal case pc game:

Criminal Case Game For Pc commonly known as CC is a PC game and as we can get idea from its name that what type of game it will be. The theme of this game based on Hidden objects and detective base which was released for FB on 15 November 2012, its iOS version was released on 28 August, 2014 worldwide and Android version was released on 15 April, 2015 by Pretty Simple a French indie Studio. This game is beating the most famous game on FB the Candy Crush as it has 10 million monthly users and from the start of 2013 and becomes the most played game worldwide. This game has been crowned as FB game in 2013 by beating Candy Crush.

Game play:

Criminal Case Game is very interesting and easy to play as the player acts as detector/police inspector who took a case and find hidden clues at crime scene in order to find the killer. In this game the player enjoys the authority by playing as detective. The players in this game starts with a low rank cop and find the hidden clues about criminal and clicks them at that location, who succeed to find the hidden clues in less time will be awarded with extra stars which can be used later as currency to buy more upgraded costumes and hire rank cop.

When player solve the one given case then he/she will proceed to next case, every case will be solved with the pre given energy and if a player could not solve the last case then he/she will lost the energy. Criminal Case Game Full has several cases and the each upgraded case will be more interesting and challenging from the previous one. The every upgraded level will hard to win and if the players loose energy then he/she will have to wait for 24 hours for the re generation of energy and energy can also be buy online. In all the online puzzle games the criminal case consists of the best graphics and features.

Criminal Case Game For Pc Full Version Free Download

Playable modes:

There are total 3 playable modes in it;

In the first mode the player has to solve case as story by solving many crime scenes and the criminal will be a single person.

In second playable mode the player must have to solve an extra mission as his/her task and definitely the mission will be harder to complete.

The third and the last playable mode will permit you to compete with other players worldwide as it includes the option of multiplayer.

Features of Criminal Case Game 2015:
• examine crime scenes in a bleak and crooked city
• Play with your friends to be the most excellent police officer ever
• inspect clues and examine samples to look for proof
• Interrogate observer and suspects
• fetch the murderer to integrity

System requirements for Criminal Case:

Windows: Xp,Vista,7,8

CPU: Intel: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHZ OR More

Ram: 1 MB OR Batter

Video Card: 256 MB OR Batter

Free Space: 1 GB

User Review:

DangerRanger101 at common sense media on June 13, 2014

This is one of my favourite Facebook games of all time because the mysteries are very intriguing and it gives you a good feeling since you as the player are the one solving these murder mysteries and bringing the killers to justice. The game is highly supportive of doing the right thing because the player is strictly on the side of good and they stand for justice.


Criminal Case Game For Pc Full Version Free Download

Criminal Case Game For Pc Full Version Free Download

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